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Here we demonstrate what you can expect upon hiring North Carolina Landscapes.

Once you've contacted us, we will come to your property and, with you, assess the current landscape, get measurements, and brainstorm solutions.

Afterwards, NCL will present to you the best options for your landscape and provide an outline and proposed timeline for the project.

Watch the video on the right as Greg Fahy does a  walk-thru for a contractor unable to be at the site.

Project Walk-Thru

Here, Greg Fahy describes to a contractor our plans for the next phase of the project. 

Plant and Material Selection

Once an overall outline for the project has been established, we sit down with you and discuss the particulars of material and plant selection. We create a design based on these parameters. We develop a timeline that works for both you and us.

Landscape Design plans for an upcoming North Carolin Landscapes project
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